Helping Google Help You by Utilizing Essential SEO Hacks

Helping Google Help You: Essential SEO Hacks

Learning and applying the right SEO basics can help boost your website to higher search rankings than you previously thought was possible and the gains that your online property will acquire will probably last for years – if you know how to maintain your rank once you’ve already landed much better search rankings says the CEO of SEOExplode.

The following essential SEO hacks can help Google index your website better, so it can finally determine – which keywords are relevant for your website?

  1. Linking internally

internal linking

We all know now that longer-form content rules now, but there’s more work up ahead. Once you have a trove of content focusing on the needs of a particular niche, you need to make sure that your website internal linking system is working properly.

Here’s the main challenge: google bots or spiders are constantly crawling the web, taking note of new information, pages, etc. When a google bot reaches your website, it’s going to take note of the internal navigation system, the inner linking system has to be healthy because the google bot is going to use this to identify related and relevant content from your website.

For example, if one blog post from your website is about “healthy green shakes” and the internal navigation system shows related content about “vegetable shakes” and “protein shakes,” then the google bot would be able to measure the content relevancy of your website as a whole by taking note of the titles and actual content of your different posts.

  1. Inbound and Outbound Links

inbound and outbound links

On the Web, reputation and authority play huge roles in determining which websites people trust, and for how long.

A website that provides information to people, even if the ultimate aim is to sell a product or service, should still endeavor to become an authority on the niche by linking to authority sites and by striving to receive inbound links from websites that are already considered as authority in particular niches.

Ironically, websites that try to become the authority in certain niches too hard often fail while those who take it easy and allow their websites to mature naturally are the ones that succeed.

Why? Because Google knows that it takes time for people to discover and pick up on new websites. With the exception of websites that go viral on social media, for the most part, the progress of a website to become a leader or authority in a niche will take months, not days.

What are we really pinpointing at here? Generating inbound and outbound links requires time and effort, and each inbound/outbound link has to be meaningful; it’s no longer enough to just generate links randomly from article directories, as was the case more than ten years ago. Trends have changed, and places like Hubspot and EZine Articles are no longer considered authority sites (not really).

  1. Write those Meta Descriptions!

meta description example

Meta descriptions only contribute a small percentage to the overall ranking of a Web page, but it actually helps boost your rankings by inviting people to click on your link. A website’s meta description actually appears on Google search results, right underneath the title of the Web page. That small paragraph you see? That’s the meta description.

To write a great meta description, you need to:

– Write about an interesting point about the content (not necessarily a summary)

– Write no more than 156 characters

– Engage the reader in less than 3 seconds

– Make the reader want to click

Essentially, meta descriptions are a way to promote your content one last time before the user moves on to read the next title and meta description in a Google search result.

Statistically, search results that have crisp, informative, and engaging meta descriptions get more clicks than those with no meta descriptions, or whose meta descriptions have not been optimized for Google search results.

Make sure also that you write the title of the page inside the head area of the Web page, and that you are always writing for humans, even if you are optimizing for websites. Use one or two relevant keywords to make your title informative and precise, but never ever sacrifice readability for keywords.

Here’s an example:


<title> Roger’s Daytona Walking Tours </title>


Using relevant keywords doesn’t have to be awkward. The keyword is not the ultimate goal, but the content. Other relevant signals will tie your content to your desired keywords. Work on the content more and then add these elements later as a finishing touch only.

  1. Stay Away from Spam Domains

spam domains

Spammy domains like .biz and .info are no longer being prioritized by Google as of this writing. The reason for the deprioritization? SPAM.

There are hundreds of thousands of spammy websites on the Web, and nearly all of them use alternative domains that magnetize users but provide low quality content. Ad-filled websites that pop up often use these alternative domains.

Also, stay away from using hyphens in your website’s domain. There is no need to hyphenate and there is absolutely no reason to add a relevant keyword to your actual domain.

For example, if you are selling puppy diaper pads, using a domain like ‘’ will likely lead to closer scrutiny from the search engine and you might even be penalized for having a really long and suspicious domain name in the first place.

Because here’s a fact: if your website has great content related to puppy diaper pads, that would have no bearing on your domain. Branding works through the delivery of content and better user experience, and not just because you have a long and hyphenated Web domain.

  1. Write better permalinks and headlines

 optimize permalinks

The headline or title of a piece of content should be engaging and descriptive at the same time. In short, we want users to know exactly what is in the content, and not just guess based on a vague title.

Avoid click bait titles that over promise but do not deliver mainly because they are click bait. There is so much click bait on the Net already that people have learned how to spot click bait content almost immediately.

Permalinks are the link titles that lead to specific pages on your websites. Google recommends that the permalink to a page should have one or two relevant keywords. The permalink and the actual headline need not be identical.


MotivationalSpeaking in front of a lot of people is already a nerve-racking task. Not everyone has the talent or the courage to go up a stage and speak in front of a lot of people, much less deliver a message with confidence and power. If you belong to the small percent of people who do have what it takes to become great in the field of public speaking, mastering your talent should be a priority.

One of the jobs that public speakers do is being a keynote speaker for events. Knowing that you already have the confidence and the charisma to charm people into believing whatever it is you say, there are still other advices you need to take in order to ensure your success.

  •  Always assume that your audience is smart enough to understand what you are saying so as not to sound condescending, but do not assume that they know as much about the topic as you. If you are an expert on the subject you are going to discuss, it can be pretty easy to assume that everyone is an expert too, when they most probably aren’t.


  •  Do not be too dramatic in your speech. Regardless of what you learned from your drama class, do not turn your presentation into a Shakespearean play, with all the emphasis on the enunciation and on the hand motions. Make yourself look natural. The job of a keynote speaker is not to impress, but to express.


  •  Give something tangible for the audience that they can take back home. It might sound like a not so glamorous job to do, but as a keynote speaker, you should ensure that the impact of your speech goes beyond the walls of the venue by giving the audience something they can keep. You can do this by putting a little card containing the message you wish to express, or the key points of your speech, on every seat. You can ask for someone’s help if the venue is too large.


  • Speaker Never memorize your speech. Remember that understanding is much more valuable than memorizing. Ingrain the outline of your speech in your head, but never memorize every single line in your speech, as this only makes your speech sound rehearsed. Not only will your presentation look and sound much more authentic, but you will also eliminate the fear of forgetting your lines.


  •  Never speak for free. Professional speakers never speak for free. What happens to a keynote speaker who speaks for free is that he is rewarded with only more opportunities to speak for free, without getting any chance of actually being hired to speak for a fee. This is called “death from exposure”, and this can easily happen to you if you find it okay not to accept payment.

Look at it this way: event organizers are willing to spend on the small serving of food in the hallway outside the event venue, but they find it hard to pay for the main event itself, which is you. Event organizers should give you a fare fee for your speech, and in return, you should give them the best value for the money they paid by inspiring and informing their audience.

  •  Take your career as a keynote speaker in different places, maybe even abroad. The world is huge, there are a lot of wonderful people in different parts of the world, and they will most likely benefit from what you have to share. If you get the chance to speak in some place exotic or new, such as in another country, you can also bring your family along. Visit to know the more secrets about  professional keynote speakers.

Taylormade Golf Clubs: Selecting the Best Club for You

Taylormade golf clubs may be golf clubs around but you need to know exactly which to have that can help you play well. You can’t just use any Taylormade clubs.

Each golf club is specially designed to help you put the ball in the hole. Using the right golf club can help you improve your game. So, how do you select the best golf club for you?

TAYLORMADE GOLF clubs Identifying Golf Clubs

The first step you need to take in determining the best golf club is to familiarize yourself with which ones are included in a basic golf set. If you are new to the game, this is definitely one you shouldn’t skip.

There are different types of golf clubs. The basic set includes the following clubs:

  • Irons
  • Putters
  • Wedges
  • Drivers

Each type of golf club is specially designed to help you with your swing and speed. For beginners, there are clubs that can help them adjust to the game and correct their faults. Remember that choosing the right golf clubs will help you enhance your game especially if you are in the basic level.

For the beginners, they should know first which basic level they belong to:

  • Low handicaps
  • Mid handicaps
  • High handicaps

Low handicaps generally score less than ten strokes per par. They should have one fairway wood club, a driver club, lower numbered iron clubs, 3 wedge clubs (pitching, sand and lob or approach wedge).

Mid handicaps have a range of 11-20. They should have a 7-wood or a 9-wood in their set. To help them control their swing better, they must go for fairway woods instead of long irons. Their golf set should also have a 3 and 9-irons plus the same types of wedges recommended to low handicaps.

High handicaps are usually beginners. They have no mastery over the basic plays and shoots over 100. High handicaps should have 3-wood for the tee off and a 7 and 9-woods. They should also include the same wedges recommended to both low and mid handicaps.

The Rescue

Hybrids are a great help to any golfer. Taylormade golf clubs call their hybrid collection as “Rescue.” Even professionals (those who participate in the PGA) have these in their set.

The hybrid collection is an important club to have in your set. Many golfers usually replace their irons with a hybrid for easier swing and longer ranges. Taylormade golf hybrid clubs are usually designed with added technology that helps customize their center gravity, their loft, their face angel, and their flight path.

Each hybrid type is made for either professionals or beginners. They are lighter and can be swung easily, providing added distance to the ball’s reach.

Driver and Woods

Drivers and woods are probably the most common and important clubs to have. They are used for longer shots.
Drivers are the first clubs any beginner should purchase. Advance golfers, on the other hand, use this to have an extra distance in their game. Popular drivers in the market are Taylormade golf drivers R7 and R5.

Fairway and metal wood are used to have a more accurate shot. These are for times when you don’t need to take a longer shot. Fairway woods are also considered a reliable golf club especially as it evolved slowly in time.


Iron clubs have perimeter weighting and have forgiveness with higher trajectory. They may not be considered perfect but it’s getting there and it’s less expensive today.


Wedge and Putters

The wedge is the most overlooked club in the set. However, it is necessary and has been highly trusted by professional golfers.

Putters are clubs that has gone high tech.

Using Proper Golf Clubs

Proper golf clubs can improve your game. If you are considering buying a set to help you learn golf, choose the right lie and shaft flex. It should be flexible. If you are a power swinger, you need to control or less bend. The flexibility of our golf club will help you achieve just that.

Before looking for the right Taylormade golf club, have an idea of what you need most – those which you can add to your golf set and are perfect for your ability level. This way, you will have the right clubs that can help you improve your game.


Taylormade Golf does not only offer club fitting services nor does it only produce golf clubs, but it also offers other golf equipment that make the golfing experience of each user more promising.


Printed Circuit Boards or simply known as PCBs are basically present in every electronic device nowadays. PCB interconnects different electronic parts of a device for it to operate successfully. In early 1900s, PCB is hard to manufacture but with the advancement of technology over the years, it became commercially available for different businesses.

To celebrate how PCBs revolutionized the electronic industry throughout the years, here are some important PCB facts:

  1. PCBs are first mass-produced during World War 2

PCB, Before World War 2, PCBs are hard to manufacture. Each printed circuit board is made manually and soldered individually. When the PCB technology was used by the US Army for proximity fuses in the battlefield, automated production of printed circuit boards was developed. After the World War 2 ended, automated manufacturing process of PCBs was released commercially and used by different businesses in the industry.

  1. Most PCBs are green due to the glass epoxy used

Years ago, PCB manufacturing companies, like us here at PCBnet commonly use glass epoxy in the board. Glass epoxy is naturally green in color so early versions of printed circuit boards are all green in color. Nowadays, the finishing color of printed circuit boards can be any color as most companies use solder masks for the board’s base.

  1. PCB companies use CT scans for quality checking of PCBs

Ct scans are not only used for medical purposes as PCB companies use them for quality control of PCBs produced. Through the CT scan, 2D and 3D images of the printed circuit board are produced to check proper placement of circuits and soldered connections. This new technology in quality control of PCBs is best for complex printed circuit boards of big machines.

  1. Resistors, capacitors and diodes are the most critical parts of PCB

Most PCBs have three most important parts – the resistors, capacitors and diodes. The resistors protect the device from excessive energy flows. It works like a fuse. On the other hand, capacitors are the warehouse of energy within the circuit. It stores electrical signals and works like a battery. Lastly, diodes are the ones responsible for ensuring one-way energy transmission. It ensures that the energy flows in one direction only inside the circuit board.

  1. Static electricity damages the most sensitive part of PCBs

At PCBnet, we advise clients to avoid any source of static electricity when handling printed circuit boards. Static charges may damage the most delicate parts of a PCB. Once damaged, it is difficult to repair defective parts especially the embedded copper layer etches of the board. To prevent this, it is best to use anti-static bags when handling or transporting printed circuit boards.

  1. Most PCB companies follow class 1 and 2 standards for manufacturing

pcbPCB manufacturing has three quality standards – class 1, 2 and 3. Class 1 is for general electronic devices. Testing and verification of designs also fall under this class. Class 2, on the other hand, is for special service electronic devices that must be highly durable. Examples include telecommunication devices and business machines. Lastly, class 3 is for specialized electronic devices. Electronic devices in the medical, aeronautic and military fields fall under this class. We, at PCBnet, as a mass-producing company, follow class 1 and 2 quality standards when it comes to manufacturing.

  1. Printed Wiring Board (PWB) and Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) are different from PCB

Printed Wiring Board or simply known as PWB is a plain board lined with copper tracks. It does not contain other circuit elements like resistors and capacitors. On the other hand, Printed Circuit Assembly or PCA is a PCB populated with many electronic components. It is capable of doing a lot of electronic functions for the assembled device.

  1. It is difficult to repair PCBs

Copper sheets are laminated against the board to preserve delicate electronic etchings and connectors. However, printed circuit boards for heavy-duty use are sometimes added with conformal coatings to preserve soldered components. These types of PCBs can withstand extreme conditions, like high temperatures and corrosion. However, because of the conformal coating, repair of PCBs is difficult so replacement is usually recommended.

  1. It is possible to order PCBs online

At PCBnet, we offer to give quotes to interested clients online. Placing the final order is tricky at first, but we can assist clients in specifying the details of their PCB order. Years before, it takes several days up to weeks before PCB manufacturing companies can give quotes to a planned order. Fortunately nowadays, online inquiry of PCBs is easier by using web-filled forms.


Author Bio
The printed circuit boards are one of the most important components in the world of electronics today. At, we offer to give quotes to interested clients online.

Reasons You Should Sell Gold To A Pawn Shop

pawn Everyone has items in their home they are not using. Amidst all of the things that people keep, one of the most common is that of precious metals. Gold, specifically, seems to clutter a lot of drawers, storage spaces, and closets. If you have a lot of these items in your home, even if they are broken down or part of other jewelry elements, you’ll find that you are letting them go to waste. You could make a nice chunk of change by simply selling your old gold to MajorPawn.

There are several reasons why you should sell gold to a pawn shop, instead of letting it collect dust. In fact, the following are just some of the top reasons why you may want to look into this. This will provide you with enough information to possibly get rid of items that you simply aren’t going to use or even want in the near future.

Things Are Old or Broken

The first major reason for why you should sell gold to MajorPawn, is simple, things aren’t working. You have broken pieces, jewelry that you haven’t worn, or watches that do not fit or are not working any longer. There are a lot of elements that could go wrong with jewelry pieces and more, and they sit in the back of a drawer, or in the closet without use. Here’s the thing, broken pieces don’t matter to a pawn shop. They’ll take your gold and give you a fair price, even if they are not in working order. They don’t appraise just by whether or not an item works, they appraise based on weight, quality, and item. Gold pieces, even if broken from chains and other elements, could very well garner you a great deal more than just letting them sit around.

Relationships Ended

Broken marriages, engagements, and many other relationships could have given you property no longer used. You may have ended up with a ring that is no longer on your finger, and really isn’t going to be placed on again. What do you do? Don’t throw it off a bridge or let it sit around, instead, sell it and make some serious cash.

Why relive the heartbreak of a broken relationship over and over again? Instead of having to deal with that, you may be able to get a lot more money out of it. This is especially true if you have a gold ring or diamond ring that is very expensive. Engagements, marriages, and other relationships sometimes garner gifts that are quite pricey, and when these things end, you can cash in.

You Can Use The Money


Ask yourself a simple question, could you use the money? Seriously, could you use money? If you answered, yes, then you should look into getting paid for your items. Whether you have a few gold pieces, coins, jewelry, or just about anything that you deem valuable, it’s imperative that you look into selling. When you sell items to a reputable source, you are going to get paid a great deal.

Gold can garner you upwards of $1,000 an ounce, especially if it’s pure, and not plated. Getting top dollar is as simple as finding a good resource, and getting paid, simple as that. If you need money, and you have gold, sell it, and get paid right now. You can get a great deal of money fast, and easily, just by giving up items you don’t use, or even need any longer.

Gold is a standard that can garner you a great deal of benefits. The above reasons are just a few common-sense options to consider, as they can get you a great deal of money for something as simple as a jewelry item you don’t use.


If you want to sell your gold at a pawn shop. Majorpawn is the best option for you, we also give some offers and simply buy your old gold. Visit our website


Rubber wristbands are some of the most popular accessories for both kids and adults. They come in different colors, designs and sizes. These bracelets are also used as giveaways during social functions, gifts to friends, or fund raising items. Today, they take another form which became more popular among kids ages 7 to 14. These wristbands are called loom bands.

What are loom bands?

Loom bands are rubber wristbands created by using small colorful plastic rubber bands and a plastic loom called the rainbow loom. These are sold or swapped by kids after creating it themselves.

The rainbow loom is a plastic loom invented by Cheong Choon Ng, a Malaysian immigrant of Chinese descent. He came to the US in the year 1991 where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering at Wichita State University.

In 2010, he came up with the idea of creating a toy which looms rubber bands into colorful bracelets. He had the idea while watching his daughter create colorful rubber band accessories.Rubber Bracelets

Ng’s prototype used wooden board, pushpins and dental hooks. In 2011, he had the parts manufactured in China which he and his wife assembled later in their home. He later renamed it Rainbow Loom, a name his brother and niece suggested.

Rainbow Loom Revolution

Rainbow Loom’s sales didn’t kick off until Ng started creating instructional videos. The videos featured his daughters creating different loom bands. In 2012, he received orders from Learning Express Toys, a specialty craft store. After that, the Rainbow Loom’s sales kicked up. Soon, Michaels, a craft retail store, started selling these too which signaled other retailers to start having it in their own stores.

In 2013, the Rainbow Loom sold around 1.2 million units.

Loom Band’s Popularity and Kids

Kids love colorful and shiny outfits. Items that display these instantly became a fad. At present, loom bands hold the record when it comes to practicing a child’s focus. It also gave them an item they can share with friends.

Rainbow Loom targets a market of 7 to 14 year old kids. As they weave colorful and shiny rubber wristbands, their creativity gets practiced. Some kids even started their own instructional videos in creating their own loom band design.

To create these colorful bands, kids use the following materials.

1. Rubber bands
2. Plastic Looms
3. Hooks
4. C-clips

The above mentioned materials are also available when you buy a Rainbow Loom set. If you wish to learn how to make one, there are plenty of instructional videos available in the internet. You can also catch Ng’s own instructional videos for Rainbow Loom users. His videos had already hit 4 million views.

Loom Bands for Every Occasion and Use

Since it was first released, loom bands became a very popular pastime for kids. Summer camps and clubs use these to help develop kids’ creativity. Grade school kids treat these rubber wristbands like friendship bracelets and swap these with friends.Charity Wristbands

Loom bands are also used to promote a cause. Last 2013, third graders from St. John the Worker school in Pennsylvania, had a “Rainbow Loom-A-Thon” where they created loom bands for cancer patients. The fad also inspired Suzanne Peterson to create a 204 page book entitled “The Loomatic’s Interactive Guide to Rainbow Loom”.

The Fun in Loom Bands

Loom bands are perhaps today’s most popular type of rubber wristbands. It is simple to create, colorful, and helpful as it harnesses a child’s creativity. For parents who are thinking of a great toy for their kids, this is perfect for them. It also keeps them focused and busy. This is one hobby you can enjoy with them. offer rubber wristbands that are also available in a range of bright colors, which makes the wristbands an effective way to promote or publicize a good cause, a business or a sports team.