Easy Way To Convert your TV into a Smart TV

Convert your ordinary T.V into Android smart TV using infinitec Pocket T.V , Connect Pocket TV is a USB sized dongle that connects to your HDMI port of your TV and converts it to a smart TV, Basically pocket TV is a micro computer running on android OS ICE-CREAM SANDWHICH 4.0 , it connects to your TV and brings android features to your TV ,makes it a big tablet. you can access the android app store, Google play and download all type of compatible app’s ,play games, surf on web, share your views with social networks, you can even attach a camera to make a Skype call .enjoy the android features on big screen.

Bring android to your T.V… yes your T.V !!

Why do we call it a Pocket TV?

It is called pocket TV  because it is small and portable you can easily fit it in your pocket. Cary your android device in your pocket anywhere you want with tons off apps and media loaded in it, suppose you are on a tour you reach a hotel room connect pocket TV and refresh yourself by enjoying your stuff. Beside TV you can use pocket pc on projector for your presentations using pocket TV.

You can enjoy:

  • Stream video
  • Listen music
  • Play games
  • Social media
  • News
  • Docs
  • Google maps
  • Web browsing


A Standard IR Remote:

it is shipped with your pocket TV device. works on infrared signals just like a regular TV remote you can perform actions using the keys own the remote.

An Air Remote:

 is based on  gyroscopic sensor system you can use it by just moving it like wireless controller like the ones in Nintendo consoles. This enhances your experience and makes more interactive ,it creates awesomeness.




The device is planned to be released it October this year and pre-orders have started

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