Honda City Aspire Review

Honda City Aspire 2012

Honda City Aspire (Rear View)


Atlas Honda has announced launch of there new car named Honda City Aspire.

Showroom Picture

Showroom Picture


Honda City Aspire Has A Very Unique Design With Some Cool Features which have improved its over all image

Internal View

Internal View

Honda City Aspire Features:

  • Keyless Entry
  • Alloy Rims
  • Built-in Navigation Screen
  • Multimedia System
  • Side Mirror Indicators
  • Prosmatec Transmission Technology
  • Leather Interior¬†Internal View.

The New Honda City Aspire has become the new awaited car in Pakistan and some other middle eastern countries ,it surely is a beatiful looking car with some great is expected to have a very good fuel consumption.It has leather interior for comfort and multimedia system for has introduced keyless entry in this model,which is something new for middle eastern countries like comes with pre installed alloy rims and a built-in navigation screen for mobility.


Price of Honda City Aspire in Pakistan:

  • Honda City Aspire (Manual): Rs. 1,554,000/-
  • Honda City Aspire (Prosmatec): Rs. 1,695,000/

It is a bit expensive but it seems worth the price.

User Reviews:

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