How to Watch Netflix on Your iPhone from Anywhere in the World



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If you’re an iPhone owner, you already know these devices are lean, mean, Netflix streaming machines. With their massive screens and impressive processing power, the latest iPhones are always on the cutting edge of performance, making them the perfect fit for Netflix junkies the world over.

Like Hulu and YouTube, you can stream Netflix on just about any WiFi-enabled device, from smartphones to gaming consoles. The service started out in the US, but has since branched out, with versions now spanning all of North and South America, Australia and Europe.


However, at this point and time, Netflix isn’t available in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. A lot of this is due to censorship laws in the regions, but some of it also is tied up in licensing and broadcasting rights. Australian Netflix is still a pretty new concept, and it’s likely to be a tough sell to get it available in these remaining regions.


Why Can’t I Watch Netflix Overseas?

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Introduction To Long Tail Keywords And How to Use Them

You may not be new to keyword research, but as far as long tail keywords are concerned, I am pretty sure that you don’t know everything there is to know. Long tail keywords are basically a simple form of keyword phrase which consists of three to five words that are arranged in a phrase and are collectively more specific than one word. They are used to convert sales, promote micro-niches and help users who are looking for specific information, services or products. So, here is basic introduction to long tail keywords and how to use them effectively.

They are also frequently used by bloggers who wish to refine their search terms for web-pages or articles. Long tail keywords are essential to eCommerce sites for one simple reason. The customer, who is most likely to make a purchase, will probably already know what it is that he is looking for. You have to make sure that your page ranks best in this regard. But how exactly can you build the perfect long tail keyword? People who claim to offer top blog posting services should know what this is all about, but we will explain it for beginners. Continue reading

Want A iPad On Affordable Rates, Here Is How

iPad is a great device that you can take with yourself everywhere. iPad is the most powerful tablet that has been developed ever. Apple has sold almost 6.8 millions iPads this year making a whooping net profit of $8.8 billon dollars. But buying an iPad isn’t as simple as winking. To buy an iPad you have to disturb your whole budget because the cheapest iPad you will get will be around $300-$400.

There are some places on the Internet that you can prefer to buy an iPad  on affordable rates. Let’s take a look at some ways that can help you to buy cheap iPads.

Want A iPad On Affordable Rates, Here Is How

Buy from online stores:

Online stores such as eBay and Amazon are the most preferred places for me if I have to buy any used electronics or books. Both of these stores are widely used and you can get a lot of choices from here. You can search for the iPad you want on Amazon and you will find a lot of stores selling the same product at different prices on Amazon. Thus,you can choose cheapest of them. Be sure to check the seller’s satisfaction rating.

Another store that you can use is eBay. Ebay is an online bidding marketplace where you can get the product by bidding the highest price. Therefore eBay is another good option for you to buy a cheap iPad. If you are buying an iPad from eBay you will probably know that you are buying a used product.  It is recommended to read all the detail’s that seller has sticked with the product. Also not forget to check seller’s rating and return policy. These are some tips you should keep in mind before buying a cheap iPad.

Buy refurbished one from Apple:

iPad With Box

Another option to get iPad on cheap rates is buying a refurbished one. You can buy refurbished iPads from eBay or directly from Apple’s refurbished page for iPads. You can get 30% discount from Apple and one year warranty for your refurbished iPad. This isn’t a bad deal at all.

Buy from Best Buy and New Egg:

Best buy and New egg are also trusted online stores that you can use to buy an iPad. There are several sellers on New Egg and Best buy that are selling iPads around $300-$350. Which means you can get a discount around $150. The main disadvantage of buying iPads from these stores is that they do not provide warranty for your refurbished iPad.

Advertising Online:

Now a days online advertising has become so simple that everyone can use it without facing any difficulty. You can found hundreds of free websites over the Internet where you can post your own ad for free. It is recommended to use these sites to advertise the product you want. Remain descriptive during posting your ad(s). One of the largest online free ads publishing website is Olx. You can try your luck there.

So these are the some ways to get an iPad on affordable rates. If you think we have missed something do tell us by commenting with your valuable comments. Stay blessed.

Author Bio :

Muhammad Usama Siddiqui is a 16 year old blogger from Rawalpindi,Pakistan. He loves to write on Technology and telecom news. Currently he is owner and writer All Updates Here.

Tips to Boost Internet Speed In No Time

Internet has become a basic need for a common man and a day would surely arise that 100% of computers use Internet. Now a day’s Internet is becoming a part of computer, people are choosing best computers and an Internet connection that suites their needs. Keeping this thing in mind many Internet providers came down and lowered their prizes. Common man is satisfied with its cost but not with its speed. A recent survey says that 70% of users are not satisfied with their internet and Download speed. Reasons for these are many. But some things are in our hand which allows increasing internet speed. This article is not only for slow internet connection users but also for high speed internet connection users. All you have to do is implement these tips and in return enjoy increases internet speed. Use these tips to boost internet speed.

Increase Internet Speed


Surprisingly almost half of Indians are using internet via mobiles, that too connecting their mobiles in pc suite. We can expect how fast the internet on computers when connected through mobiles is. These steps should really work better for such kinda users. One again we are saying any one can follow these steps

There is no point in Surfing, if there is no speed in Internet

Well these are some basic steps to boost your internet speed


1. Choosing a Perfect Browser

Yeah! This is the most important step to experience fast internet. Browser is software which allows you to access internet. In our views Google Chrome is the fastest browser and Firefox comes next. Use different browsers and compare your internet speed. In some cases Firefox is faster than Google chrome. There is wide variety of browsers available to download among them Google Chrome comes first followed by Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and at last Internet Explore. But, Internet explorer is best for downloading other Browsers.

2. Loading Light Pages

If you are having low speed internet connection then we recommend loading light pages. Now, almost all popular sites have light pages. For example Facebook had its light page at .it is light page for facebook which consumes low internet and quicker in speed. Tough these light pages are ugly to navigate, we have no choice

3. Don’t use Default Downloader’s

Every browser has its default downloader’s but these are extremely slow. Better to use third party applications to download anything from internet. There are many Downloaders’ available and Download manager is best among all of them

 4. Being Up-to date

Updating your system software including Operating system would boost internet speed. For example, one can experience more speed in windows7 when compares to windows XP. Updating the browsers is main important and essential thing to increase internet speed. if your system is not upto date you are on the bloody hell and can’t even get any use of internet

Mail Chimp Review – Best Tool For Email Marketing

MailChimp helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. It’s like your own personal publishing platform.Mail Chimp is one of the best email marketing tool and best lead capture tool, basically it helps you to to gathers people to your mailing list  and helps you to manage your mailing list and you can run easy mailing campaigns by sending people beautiful mails that you design via mail chimp design tools,  you can increase your online business and can do some great affiliate marketing by using mail chimp.

Simply signup for mail chimp ,Video Tutorial below will help you to do that and video also covers the use of mail chimp and how to manage it.



Benefits of MailChimp

  • Capture your visitors from your site to mailing list
  • Send subscribers mails regarding any thing
  • Promote your products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Good mailing list will  increase revenue
  • Easy Email Newsletters

By using mail chip free version  you are allowed to add 2000 people to your mailing list and you can send 12000 mails in a month to your subscribers.



  • Integrations
  • Facebook Integration
  • AutoConnect Templates
  • Full Featured API
  • Google Analytics
  • Email Beamer


  •  Designer Templates
  • Email Template Gallery
  • Template Language


  • Account Keys
  • Autoresponders
  • Co-branding
  • Custom Forms
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Email Delivery
  • Groups
  • Image and File Hosting
  • List Management
  • Segmentation
  • Service and Support
  • Subscriber Preferences


  • Delivery Doctor
  • Email Beamer
  • Geolocation
  • Inbox Inspector
  • Merge Tags
  • Paid Newsletter Subscriptions
  • RSS-to-email
  • Time Warp


  • Social Pro
  • Campaign Archives
  • Chimp Chatter
  • Comments
  • Facebook Integration
  • Social Sharing


  • Reports Overview
  • Social Stats
  • A/B Split Testing
  • List Dashboard

Add it to WordPress

Adding it to wordpress is simple create a form and them get code ,go in your widgets option in dashboard,add text widget in your sidebar and paste the code.

Add it to Blogger

Simple add a html gadget in your sidebar and paste the code.

Mailchimp is a free good tool to increase you online business and mailchimp is working to stop spam e-mail marketing and i hope so you will use it in a good manner.

How To Clone Yourself In A Image

Step 1: Take Pictures:

Cloned Image

Cloned Image

You Want To Take Pictures With Same Background.So Most People Use Tripod While If You don’t have that then tell someone to take pictures of you in a stagnant manner, remember the camera should not move at all and all aspects of the images should be still except you.I Prefer To Use Timer Feature.if you don’t have someone to take pictures then set your camera or mobile on a table and start the timer take as many photos as you want but remember to not overlap any of your photos you shouldn’t be overlapping your last photo.

Step 2:Transfer Them To Your Computer:

Transfer All Your Photo’s to your desktop using Bluetooth or cable connection.


Step 3: Open Up Photoshop:


If You Don’t Have Photoshop Download it from here .After Installing Open Up Photoshop.

Step 4: Editing The Images:

loading layers

Click On File>Scripts>Load Files Into Stack> Then Select Your images .Don’t Tick “Attempt To Automatically Align Source Images” it messes everything up.

Step 5:Create Layer Mask Of Each Image:


After selecting your images select each layer and create Layer Mask By Clicking Small circle on bottom bar.

Step 6:Using The Brush Tool:

Now Select the brush and remember to see that you are using black color then erase yourself from image after erasing yourself from image .PRESS CTRL + I to invert this will clone one image of you .repeat the process for other layers until you achieve your desired image.

Good Luck!

Do Share Your cloned pictures with us :)

How To Be Dominant In Dota

Dota is one of the best strategic games played online and our all about unit control. Dota is played on the platform of Warcraft III By Blizzard .Some of the skills that you can apply while playing Dota are as following.


#1 Lane Control

One of the most important thing in Dota is to farm yourself and in order to do it you may need to do neutral creeps or maybe do a lane solo but this is very important in early game .You must gain maximum experience and gold and try harassing your enemy so that he is not able to gain experience and is far from creeps as possible so that you can deny maximum creeps and take maximum gold.

#2 Supporting

If you play Dota and you haven’t gained much skill or not satisfied with your game play then you should try picking supporting heroes which will be easy for you to farm and your team mates will support you in the matter knowing that it will help them in late game .Supporting heroes should care for their team mates more than themselves making items which have aura effect and will help their team mates deal damage, heal or even increase armor. Supporting heroes should also ward carefully so that he can protect their follow team mates but remember you must not feed your enemy which will just do the opposite of what you are trying to achieve so always stay with team mates to support them and also to be on the safe side :)

#3 Farming

If you are a late game hero and understand that farming in early game is not going to be easy then you must take necessary precautions maybe do neutral or use your creeps to attack neutral through blocking techniques some of which are not allowed. One of the best ways to gain gold is to take last hit of creep you must practice taking last hit of creeps and last hit for denying also so that you can gain maximum gold as possible. Remember every single creep is important so always try taking last hit.

#4 Ganking

One of the best ways to know if you are winning is to check if you are Ganking more or your enemy is. Ganking helps all heroes but the most important thing in Ganking is to unpredictable so that you are not reported miss .most people prefer Ganking with only two- three heroes and remember to Gank heroes at your towers or at least on your side of the map so that you can catch them because this is very common when you trying to kill a hero but there is only one hit remaining and he is running. In this case if you are near your tower you can chase him for a longer time then if he is near his tower.


It all comes down to unit control and how to utilize your heroes to their limits .I hope you have enjoyed reading and have found something that will help you improve your game.

I am Samith Jhon a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with CUR-008 Exam which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass 000-781 Exam. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.