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Rubber wristbands are some of the most popular accessories for both kids and adults. They come in different colors, designs and sizes. These bracelets are also used as giveaways during social functions, gifts to friends, or fund raising items. Today, they take another form which became more popular among kids ages 7 to 14. These wristbands are called loom bands.

What are loom bands?

Loom bands are rubber wristbands created by using small colorful plastic rubber bands and a plastic loom called the rainbow loom. These are sold or swapped by kids after creating it themselves.

The rainbow loom is a plastic loom invented by Cheong Choon Ng, a Malaysian immigrant of Chinese descent. He came to the US in the year 1991 where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering at Wichita State University.

In 2010, he came up with the idea of creating a toy which looms rubber bands into colorful bracelets. He had the idea while watching his daughter create colorful rubber band accessories.Rubber Bracelets

Ng’s prototype used wooden board, pushpins and dental hooks. In 2011, he had the parts manufactured in China which he and his wife assembled later in their home. He later renamed it Rainbow Loom, a name his brother and niece suggested.

Rainbow Loom Revolution

Rainbow Loom’s sales didn’t kick off until Ng started creating instructional videos. The videos featured his daughters creating different loom bands. In 2012, he received orders from Learning Express Toys, a specialty craft store. After that, the Rainbow Loom’s sales kicked up. Soon, Michaels, a craft retail store, started selling these too which signaled other retailers to start having it in their own stores.

In 2013, the Rainbow Loom sold around 1.2 million units.

Loom Band’s Popularity and Kids

Kids love colorful and shiny outfits. Items that display these instantly became a fad. At present, loom bands hold the record when it comes to practicing a child’s focus. It also gave them an item they can share with friends.

Rainbow Loom targets a market of 7 to 14 year old kids. As they weave colorful and shiny rubber wristbands, their creativity gets practiced. Some kids even started their own instructional videos in creating their own loom band design.

To create these colorful bands, kids use the following materials.

1. Rubber bands
2. Plastic Looms
3. Hooks
4. C-clips

The above mentioned materials are also available when you buy a Rainbow Loom set. If you wish to learn how to make one, there are plenty of instructional videos available in the internet. You can also catch Ng’s own instructional videos for Rainbow Loom users. His videos had already hit 4 million views.

Loom Bands for Every Occasion and Use

Since it was first released, loom bands became a very popular pastime for kids. Summer camps and clubs use these to help develop kids’ creativity. Grade school kids treat these rubber wristbands like friendship bracelets and swap these with friends.Charity Wristbands

Loom bands are also used to promote a cause. Last 2013, third graders from St. John the Worker school in Pennsylvania, had a “Rainbow Loom-A-Thon” where they created loom bands for cancer patients. The fad also inspired Suzanne Peterson to create a 204 page book entitled “The Loomatic’s Interactive Guide to Rainbow Loom”.

The Fun in Loom Bands

Loom bands are perhaps today’s most popular type of rubber wristbands. It is simple to create, colorful, and helpful as it harnesses a child’s creativity. For parents who are thinking of a great toy for their kids, this is perfect for them. It also keeps them focused and busy. This is one hobby you can enjoy with them.

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